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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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but others which police hope they won't. >> reporter: residents have been watching it go up and waiting for this day. >> i am excited. >> reporter: when levi stadium officially opens saturday officials say there will be plenty of excitement and traffic. and lots of security. >> this is a nfl stadium. it holds 70,000 folks. we want to be safe. >> reporter: fans will near to carry clear bags and enter through a metal detector. >> we hide 100 officers and these officers are full time officers. they will be wearing a santa clara uniform and badge. >> reporter: expect a few in plain clothe too. they travel stadiums a around the country looking at their best practices. >> they wear undercover
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garments, jerseys of the opposing teams. >> undercover officers riding light rail too and bomb sniffing dogs. they will be ensuring the trains and platforms are secure. >> vta will be carrying 4 to 5 times the normal amount of passengers in a short period of time. so we are augmenting our safety and security to ensure that those heavy loads of passengers have a safe and efficient trip. >> the most important message, plan ahead. residents say they will too. they may try to offer help to the drivers. >> we could probably charge them if that is the case to park in our driveway. whatever. >> reporter: in addition to the earthquake's game saturday there is a guest appreciation day at great america. give yourself extra time to navigates the streets and parking. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a car injured five people near stanford university today near university avenue in palo alto. the driver may have hit the gas instead of the break. >> that's correct. i will tell you plooesfirst thought the driver jumped the curve -- police first thought the driver jumped the curve. police say the man was trying to parallel park when he hopped the curve. >> we received calls of a vehicle that went up to a sidewalk, possibly into a building. >> reporter: that was after 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. police found a man in his vehicle who made a mistake that injured several people. >> the man in his 90s was attempting to parallel park. he hit the acceleration instead of the break. >> he heard a bang and next thing he knew tables and chairs injured people lying on the
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sidewalk. >> so many doctors around here, there were peopling helping, helping out everyone on the grounds. >> police are not sure if they are dining or just walking by when the man jumped the curb. >> he staid in the car. didn't -- stayed in the car. didn't look like he was injured. >> reporter: police have yet to release updated information. one person was in critical condition. the other five people had minor injuries. police also say they do not believe alcohol was a factor. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a father and son were shot today as they answered the door to their apartment this morning at an apartment complex on bay view avenue. police say the man and his son were responding to a knock at the door when someone opened fire. both victims are in critical condition. police are still searching for the gunman. detectives in contra costa
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county are looking for a man responsible for a series of burglaries. this home surveillance video shows one of the burglaries on july 5. investigators say it shows the man they are looking for. the burglar broke in through a windo and stole -- window and stole $12,000 worth of items. if you have information about this case call the contra costa county sheriff's department. police hope a tattoo will help track down a man involved in a robbery. this man used a gun to rob a convenience store. a male in his 20s, 5'8" and under 200 pounds with a shaved head. and you can see that the tattoo appears to say ew on his chest. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. reports were released about the new eastern span of the bay bridge. they provide the latest reviews of issues surrounding construction and safety. ktvu's tom vacar spoke with the
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head of caltrans in sacramento and joins us live with the details. tom? >> reporter: one report was commissioned by the transportation committee, the other by the state legislative analyst office of engineers. both commented on the safety. >> reporter: it reviews allegations against caltrans and the committee of defective bridge wells, concealment of information, retribution, lack of transparency, lack of fulfilling duties to the public and poor product management. caltrans says the report is flawed. >> there is a larger consensus that was reached on specific
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issues like the quality of the welds. that side of the story isn't told in this document. >> reporter: caltrans greers they could have been -- agrees they could have more been more open to the public and kept the public more aware of the cost but it rejects most of the report as flawed. >> you need to tell us why. if you don't think something isn't safe, why? >> to my knowledge everybody who looked at this, reviews, experts, the peer review and the report acknowledges everybody that they spoke to said the bridge is absolutely safe. >> reporter: the other report from another group of outside engineers said the bridge is safe. late this afternoon the harshest criticism was these
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independent reports speak for themselves. caltrans needs to become more open to the public. there will be a hearing on tuesday about all of this. you can bet we will be there. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a former teacher took the stand today for the first time to defend himself against molestation charges. joseph martin admitted today he may have hugged one of his students 300 times but he testified the contact was not seckially motivated and he admitted to hugging a student even after officials hold him not to. >> he was a great teacher. >> he is charged with 150 counts of molestation involving 14 former male students. closing arguments are set for monday and the case will go to the jury by tuesday afternoon. california state senator leland yee was back in court today to plead not guilty to
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charges. he arrived at the courthouse which added racketeering and conspiracy charges. leland yee is due in court a week from today. firefighters battling a wildfire in yosemite national park said the flames haven't moved closer to the sequoias. the el portal is 10 miles away from merced grove. the trees are not in danger. officials say an evacuation order will be lifted tomorrow afternoon. the fire has burned 3900 acres and 34% contained. hundreds of prison inmates are on the fire lines and 700 low risk inmates were called out for the sand fire. for some being part of the crew can be the beginning of a new
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life outside prison walls. >> we have some firefighters that were on an inmate hand crew, they will take the dulc courses needed to become a firefighter. >> when they are not fighting fires they are used to cut fire breaks and cleared brush. the legal battle continues but today the oyster farm closed its retail operation. they were set for a closure but due to an injunction filed they will continue oo harvest oyster -- to harvest oysters for another 30 days. a hearing is set for september. a blockbuster trade has a's fans buns tonight. today the a's traded their slurring yoenis cespedes to the red dox -- slugger yangervis solarte to the red sox --
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yoenis cespedes to the red sox aimed at getting the team into the playoffs and to the world series. the a's also traded tommy malone to the twins for sam fold. malone was sent to triple-a after the a's traded for two pitchers. he asked for a trade after that demotion. ktvu's mark ibanez will have more details on this a's trade coming up in a few minutes. buyer snapping up homes. the sale of homes costing a million or more hit a high last quarter. the company says more than 5700 high priced homes sold from april through june. it attributes the surge to new techindustry welt. police hope you can help
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bring a woman home. she left tuesday afternoon. she is believed to have depression but not taking medications. she is 5'5", 145 pounds and last seen in a black jacket, tidie skirt and a black t shirt. the health insurance rates are expected to go up 4% next year. that is less than predicted. covered california officials made the announcement today. there was concern rates would go up following new rules prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage to people due to health problems. >> you have the major plans, broad choice. >> the next open enrollment period starts november 15 and runs for three months. a hit and run injures six
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people and leaves one with life threatening injuries. how his co-workers are stepping in to help. >> how one bay area city says it is trying to save your money on one of your monthly bills. >> 100-degree temperatures in your neighborhood as we move towards the bay area weekend. cool dog, what's his name.
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shortage of officers could force had san jose police department to eliminate its motorcycle traffic unit. they tell ktvu channel 2 news the department's 11 motorcycle officers may be redeployed to patrol car units because there aren't enough officers to respond to emergency calls. they have struggled to retain officers since the passage of measure b. we are learning more about
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the suspect and victim in a major hit-and-run crash in san francisco. the collision happened monday night and devastated employees of a bay area museum. ktvu's david stevenson looked into the crash and what is ahead in the case. >> reporter: 25-year-old is facing 10 felony contacts for the monday -- accounts for the monday mouth crash. he fled a traffic violation stop and collided with a taxi cab. the impact injured the taxi's two occupies, a pedestrian and bicyclist. he is a san francisco coder and designer working at the city's museum. prosecutors say he suffered life threatening injuries and he tried to leave the scene on a muni bus. >> one of the victims is very
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seriously injured. the defendant fled the scene. you are showing no regard to human life. >> reporter: his co-workers released a statement. the community is concerned for him and his family. the accident a terrible tragedy and many employees are donating time to the fund in support of zack. our staff is working together to cope with grief surrounding this incident. in all six people were injured monday night. his bail is $350,000 and his arraignment is monday morning. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland has a new garbage collection company paced that port of oakland. waste management is currently doing the job but the city voted last night to give the job to california waste solutions. they approved a 10 year contract with customer pick up fee of $37 a month, that say $2
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less. cowboy members were showing their -- counsel members were showing their enthusiasm today. >> award the company that offered the lowest cost for increased services from what we have today and greater environmental benefits. >> they are also offering increased services such as more illegal dumping pick ups. the contract will help create jobs in oakland. new report on the drought shows how quickly the conditions are spreading across the state. i want to show you a map on the left. that was released a week ago. most of the area north of the bay area, on the left, was covered in red. the map on the right shows the condition today. in one week marine replaced almost all of the red in northern california. signifying an exceptional drought.
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as the condition continue a worsen the state is stressing water conversation. water companies are working to upgrade meters. customers in san francisco can view their data and compare their numbers. right now officials say most of the major reservoirs throughout the state are less than half full. high temperatures today got up there. low 100s. 101 antioch. 95 in the fairfield area. 98 livermore. it will be hotter tomorrow. we will see more 100s throughout the inland valleys and around the bay. these were todays. 70s. hayward, oakland, 80s. easy. san jose 90 degrees tomorrow. it will be the hottest day of the week. fog along the coast. thunderstorms in the mountains. the red flag warning stays in effect around northern california. i have been tracking these stowers.
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here is the red flag warning for lightning strikes. this area over susanville, they have been getting lightning strikes there as well. a lot of lightning strikes. really the entire summer. we had this volatile pattern that continued to bring thunderstorms. the fog along the coast is there. it is not that deep. a thousand feet deep. it will push into the bay tonight and it will be there. tomorrow morning there might be fog in the walnut creek area, livermore but it won't have a big push. you end up warmer tomorrow afternoon. 101 antioch right now. over night lows, mild, 65 antioch. 65 live more. spare the air day tomorrow. inversion is tight. issue spare the air day when you get the shallow inversion, well, the air, the pollutants
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in the mornings and evenings. the bog along the coast will be there. it will try to push inland tonight and that is a live camera. that is covered in fog. whatever is going on there. looking back at san francisco there. partly cloudy skies. coastal fog tonight. hot inland tomorrow. hottest day of the week and cooler into your bay area sunday. saturday is still warm. sunday will be cooler. highs, 100 fairfield. 100 vacaville. 100 brentwood. san jose tomorrow you will be feeling it, 91 degrees. downtown san jose. and along the coast, lots of 60s and 70s and there you go. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, trading one heat for another. this is real heat as opposed to the humidity.
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triple digits. next couple days cooler significantly. [ talking at the same time ] >> pretty thick fog. >> it was. >> yeah. yeah. rolling in big time. when it does that it gets fence hards to see. avenues it is hard -- dense and hard to see. avenues it is hard to see. major deals today on baseball's final trading day and the a's were in the middle of it, mark will tell you who is coming and who is going next. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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commuters who use interstate 80 will notice new signs. they will appear east and westbound and have lane closure information or speed limit changes to slow down traffic behind an accident. the aim is to improve the flow of traffic in one of the worse communities in the bay area and it includes more metered lights. it will be finished next year. nobodies could accuse billy bean of being shy. >> the a's are putting it all out on the table. a huge gamble. this is a potentially franchise altering move in a good way, this could roll them into the
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world series, in a bad way they are giving up one of the most exciting players in yoenis cespedes but they will get an elite pitcher in john lester from the red sox. and also the return of the kid, outfielder jonny gomes. great leader in the clubhouse as well. but they give up their most dynamic offensive force, yoenis cespedes in the middle of the line up. his spectacular plays, including this one. best throws you will ever see and he will leave a huge void in the outfield and the infield but then again john lester is pitching the best ball of his life. he is an ace. 4-0 in his last 8 starts. 1 pout 07 e.r.a -- 1.07 ears. he won a couple of -- e.r.a. he won a couple of rings.
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0.43 e.r.a, billy bean making the move that a lot of experts think will put them in the world series but here is what the red sox general manager said about acquiring yoenis cespedes. >> we felt like what made the most sense for us was to focus on impact major league talent that is ready and hopefully we made it better now and gives us a head start into the off season with building a strong team for 2015. media via phone in 10 minutes from now so at 10:00 p.m. tonight you will hear what he has to say and on our website you will hear what billy bean says about this trade and i don't think there is any exaggerating how important this is with two months left in the season. the giants made no moves which
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is a big, hu? you are kidding me. >> stood see him go. >> no -- sad to see him go. >> yoenis cespedes is a fan favorite. >> fun to watch. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. allegations of racial slurs targeting b.a.r.t. workers. workers say they were harassed at work. that story and much more tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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